Hello Monsoons.... Wow, it's been a very wet monsoon season. With the monsoon rain comes water, hail, lightning and other unpredicted weather. I have talked to many clients over the past month who have inquired about hail damage and whether or not this is covered by their policy. In almost all situations (depending on your coverage) hail damage is covered under your Home & Auto Insurance. Hail damage falls under the comprehensive (other than collision) coverage of your auto policy. If you suffered hail damage you will still need to satisfy your deductible then the insurance company will cover the balance of any remaining repairs. What about water damage caused by the heavy rains... is this covered?? If the rain damages your vehicle, then it's covered under your comprehensive coverage as mentioned above with the hail damage scenario. Most people don't know that a separate 'Flood Insurance' policy is required to have coverage against rain/exterior water damage when it comes to your home. Most homes in Prescott Quad-Cities area are in an elective flood zone, meaning flood insurance is optional. If you purchase a home or live in an area that is considered a mandatory flood zone your lender will require you to purchase flood insurance. If you're in an elective zone that receives heavy rainfall and/or runoff during strong monsoon storms you may want to consider purchasing a flood policy. The costs are very affordable and can protect you in the event of water runoff or continued rainfall on your home that causes damage. Keep in mind, there is often a 30 day wait period before coverage is active and in-force. So, it's best to plan ahead and purchase coverage early. Please contact me with any questions.
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